Davutlar, a small quite town, populated 6000 in the winter and rising up to 35000 in the summer, is situated 15km south of Kusadasi, on the way to National Park. The center of the town is a bit farther from the sea, but fine powdery sand of the beaches situated around, provide a good opportunity for relaxing. The sparkling clear waters of the beaches also attract many visitors of Davutlar.

   Davutlar is covered in the contrasting greens of pines and olive trees around Mount Samsun that provides a good accommodation for rarely found trees aged 300 or 350 years,  and historical places , as well. The town is famous for its fragrant fruits&vegetables grown on the fertile lands. Peach, tangerine, tomato and watermelon are the principle supporters of the town's agricultural economy. Also the hot springs and thermal bath, with their pleasurable and beneficial effects, attract many visitors.

   Davutlar is ideal not only for lively days by the sea and nature, also for leisurely days with local people who reflect the warmly climate of Mediterranean on their characters with hospitality. Providing many splendid vistas and offering a peaceful atmosphere, Davutlar await to be explored by the visitors.

   How to Go?... Davutlar is 15km away from Kusadasi and can be reached by "Kusadasi-Davutlar" minibuses from the minibus station in the Centrum or the central bus station in every 30 minutes.

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