Side is a coastal city in Southern Turkey. You can enjoy the beach, beautiful water, and ancient ruins in this historical city that has been restored for modern tourism.
It is certainly important to find a quality hotel in Side, Turkey, but you want to spend the majority of your time enjoying what Side has to offer. Side mixes amazing water and beach offerings with a walk through history.
First, the water activities include parasailing, waterfalls, and taking a spa bath. Parasailing is offered at many places along the beaches. The most impressive aspect was a bird’s eye view of the ancient ruins. Then, you can visit the Manavgat Waterfall, which is a breathtaking water exhibit that a lot of tourists visit. There is a picnic place, some restaurants, and shops nearby. Finally, there is the Pamukkale Bath. This is a great way to refresh by diving into mineral-rich waters that rise from the ground. It is an extraordinary natural wonder worth visiting.
Perhaps the biggest attraction in Side are the ancient Roman ruins. Side was an important trading centre under Roman control through the third century. Then, the city was abandoned. The list of ruins that you can visit include the Temples of Apollo and Athena, the amphitheater, the original main street, the agora, and the aqueduct system.
You can also visit Side Museum, which is located on the site of a former Roman bath complex. These ruins give Side its special character and atmosphere to separate it from other tourist spots. Make sure you get lots of pictures of the Aspendos Roman Theatre, which is still intact because of the amazing work that went into this building.

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