Tiptoptrips.com is a part of Arbektravel. Daily Tours and Airport Transfer provider. DALYAN AREA; Dalyan is traditionally a farming village located on the stunning Turquoise coast of Turkey. Served by Dalaman airport and sitting between the two popular resorts of Marmaris and Fethiye. Hot spots The picturesque town sits with a river that flows through the town down from the Koycegiz Lake to sea at Iztuzu beach. Daily boat trips set off and transport you down to the beach with its soft golden sand, the beach is a small split of land that separates the fresh waters of the river and the Mediterranean. A breeding ground for the endangered species of the Loggerhead Sea Turtles (Caretta Carretta), thus the beach is often referred to as Turtle Beach. The beach has been protected for a number for a number of years, in hope that the Turtle population can increase to its former numbers. Therefore, Dalyan has kept its traditional Turkish village feel, due to much less development than other Turkish resorts. Sightseeing The Dalyan River is also a national conservation area not only because of the turtle but to over 100 species of birds. It might be worth while taking the binoculars on the boat trip down, to see just how many you can spot. As the boats sail down the river you will be met with the overhanging cliff face with ancient rock tombs carved in to the face of the cliff, dating back to around 400BC. It really is a magnificent sight especially at sunset when the sun shines brightly on the tombs. The tombs are the resting places of the kings of the ancient city of Kaunos, during the Lycian period. Another attraction of Dalyan, unique to just a few place in the world, is the mud baths and the sulphur hot springs, believed to have medical benefits for various diseases such as Arthritis and Eczema, though many doubt the validity of the benefits. It’s a fun day out even if it doesn’t make you look 10 years younger, yes that’s another claim! A visit to the Saturday market is also an experience, shopping alongside the locals you will find everything from locally grown fruit and veg, quality fake designer gear, clothing, leather bags and clothing. Try your hand at haggling, the stallholders do expect it and enjoy it, as we area sure you will too. After all everyone loves a bargain. Stop of for lunch at one of the open air cafes and enjoy a Gozleme, a savoury or sweet stuffed pancake. Dalyan visitors come from many countries, often returning year after year as they are drawn back by its beautiful natural settings and the friendly nature of the area. The village does have a mix of expats who have made new lives in Dalyan, either through a complete lifestyle change or retirement to the wonderful climate of the area that offers on average 12 hours of sunshine per day during the summer months, with temperatures scouring in to the high 30’s. The winters are cooler with an average low of around 15 degrees, though it can be much warmer and on the odd occasion it can dip below freezing, but it never lasts long. There can also be days of rain in the winter but it far beats the weather back home in the UK.