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    Sea Alanya Dolphin Park with Hotel Transfer

    Dolphinarium in Alanya is a different and fun activity for visitors during their holiday. If you want to do very different activity with family on Alanya holiday, we recommend you take part Alanya Dolphin Show Program in which is arranged in Turkey's largest marine mammal show center. Dolphin Park in Alanya is also Therapy — Activity Center.
    There are few sea creatures around the world that are loved as much as dolphins. Foremost features that distinguishes dolphins from other marine animals are, having high intelligence, communication skills as well as mammals. Dolphin — extremely spiritual, witted animal as representatives of harmony and stability. Dolphins stand at the forefront of sea animals that give people high positive energy. Mentioned creatures are also an attribute of protection, tranquility, resurrection. Their spirited nature is a reminder that everyone needs come near to life with humorousness and cheerfulness. They live peacefully with other living creatures, including humans. If tourist desire make their Alanya vacation a real enjoyable, unforgettable with family or friends, they should participate demonstration of these water mammals which have very aesthetic and cute look.
    Sea Alanya Dolphin Park is located about 40 minutes away from the city. Travelers will arrive there shortly, then showing program starts. Visit and watch the dolphins at Dolphin Park in Alanya, all touristic sessions take about 50 minutes. Visit dolphins, see their behavior, observe swimming program, find an opportunity for learn. Firstly, seals are on the stage. Their demonstration continue about 15 minutes, offering an incredible performance, then our lovely dolphins which admire everybody with their own beauties performing spectacular. By attending this magnificent sea animals' performance it will be supreme gift for your children or lovers. You can see these sea creators at Dolphin Park in Alanya, swim with dolphin or take holiday photos. 

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